In the survival and development of enterprise, quality is the most important. We believe that no quality, no life.
  We establish strict management system and Post Responsibility System for each department and implement Standardization Management. These measures make the operation of the company disciplinary and step by step.
  During the production, each working procedure is performed strictly according to the technical requirement. Inspection System is completely executed through the whole production process. Qualified and unqualified parts will be distinguished with corresponding warning plate or nameplate. Only qualified parts can enter into the next working procedure.
  In order to assure the quality of parts purchased outside from local vendors and achieve the target of zero-disfigurement for stock parts, the parts purchased outside must be taken out at certain percentage and inspected strictly before entering into the warehouse. For some parts which have special requirement, they must be inspected 100% and inspection record must be furnished. A termly analysis report regarding the quality status of each supplier is required so that the quality of parts purchased outside can be harmonized and improved accordingly.
  Quality check for each working procedure is required by inspectors to make sure the quality fits in with the technical requirement.
  In order to insure the products quality, we always carry out the principle of “Quality First”, challenge the deficiency, upgrade the quality consciousness of the staffs, pursue the target of zero-disfigurement for quality.
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